Walleye Fishing

Bottom Bouncers

Walleye fishing is no longer going out with a bobber and minnow or just casting a jerk bait in search of a hungry walleye. Walleye fishing has evolved into a very popular tournament sport where walleye anglers will use various techniques to catch these wary fish. One of the most popular and most versatile ways to pick up walleye is by utilizing a bottom bouncer to slowly fish the bottom of a lake.

How to Fish with Dipsy Divers

So you’re thinking about heading out to do some deep water trolling for lake trout, walleye, steelhead, or salmon, but you don’t own downriggers and you really don’t want to spend all that money for downriggers. Guess what? You don’t need to spend all that money for downriggers you can get down there using divers like Luhr Jensen’s Dipsy Divers or their Jet Divers. Divers like the Dipsy Divers allow you reach depths up to around 70 feet just by having the correct trolling rods and reels with line counters to count out your line to reach those depths. Got your attention now?

Kinzua Walleye Fishing - Alleghany Reservoir - Pennsylvania

Kinzua Walleye Fishing

Kinzua Lake is home to two record walleyes one for the state of Pennsylvania and one for the state of New York. This is quite remarkable due to both of these states boarder Lake Erie, but Kinzua Lake owns the records for both. The lake is a 24.2 miles in length and has areas that have over 100 feet of water. There is a good population of walleye in Kinzua, however many of them are on the smaller side. In early June and late May it is much easier to catch legal and above sized walleye due to the fish being in shallower water in the 15 to 20 foot range.

Split Shot Rigging Walleye

Often walleye aren't right on bottom but are suspended in the middle of the water column and often this is during the summer months and the walleye are being picky. One technique that I have found to be very productive is to long line drop shot walleye by using either a number 4 split shot up the line or a bullet weight Carolina rigged.

Spring Walleye Fishing

Spring walleye fishing is almost upon us and walleye fishermen will be hitting the lakes in search of monster walleye. Walleye in the spring are generally easy to find and you have a reel chance of catching a trophy walleye. When the lakes begin to thaw walleye move to shallow water due to its warmer temps to feed and search for areas to spawn. Walleye tend to gravitate to rocky bottoms in the spring such as rocky flats, bays, and around riprap.

Walleye Fishing at Lake Erie

Pennsylvania is home to some of the most productive walleye fishing in the country and the Lake that is home to all these walleye is Lake Erie. Lake Erie walleye fishing is to say the least is "Awesome", however it can be a daunting task to pick up and go out and fish Lake Erie for walleye. Having the right boat such as Deep-V is absolutely essential due to some of the rough water conditions that can pop up on Lake Erie in a heartbeat. Also often some of the best walleye fishing is done by trolling in deep water using Dipsy Divers or with down riggers and will require you to have special gear designed for trolling such as rod holders, trolling rods and reels, etc. However if you have the boat and are willing to travel several miles out into Lake Erie some serious fun awaits you at Lake Erie in Pennsylvania.